Wear the Best-Selling Too Cool for School Shoulder Bags for Women!

Bolsos bandolera mujer (shoulder bag for women) come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Different fashion brands make bolsos bandolera mujer depending on the type of customers they have. It can be for high school and college students or working women. Women will never get out of options when they purchase on malls and online stores.

But if you are tired of wearing the same shoulder bag, again and again, there’s always a solution. You always have the option to buy a new one or make a new one if you want. Besides, everyone is born creative in their unique way. But if you want to keep your same shoulder bag, there are some tricks that will surely help you make it a too cool for school shoulder bag. Follow these creative hacks and parade your brand new-looking shoulder bag:

  • Replace your shoulder bag’s strap with a durable feminine ribbon

If your usual shoulder bag strap with a durable ribbon to give it a new look. If you want to make more fashionable, you can add some ribbon bowtie on one side or some stitches along the ribbon’s hem. Girly bag charms can also be a great alternative for a ribbon bowtie on one side.

  • Bag and patches

If your bag looks too dull or simple to you, why don’t you make it more fashionable and cool without spending much? Make use of some bag patches or pins that you can glue to your bag. Stickers for bags will also do as long as it matches the design or theme you have in mind. Unleash your creativity just don’t overdo it. Before you glue everything, lay it on the table first the way you want it on your bag, once you’re satisfied, glue ‘em all!

  • Shift from boring bucket – bag drawstrings to colorful strings

You can buy or make your own colorful drawstrings for this hack but you have to cut out the original first. Reuse your original drawstring toggle to give it a more polish look. Make sure that your colorful cords have its cord ends. It will prevent the strings from going everywhere and disentangling and fraying.

  • Wrap your handles with a scarf

If you have a not too long should bag handle, you can wrap it up with a floral scarf or any scarf with the design you want. Just make sure it looks good in the eye so it’s worth your effort. The scarf will not only add some design and impact to your bag but also an additional layer of protection to the handle. It’s up to you to leave its ends as it is or tuck it in.

  • Put some Channel touch to your shoulder bag’s strap

Get those stainless stain chains out of the storage room and attach your bag’s strap in it. If you’re strap id removable, it would be easier to insert but if not, you can always cut it off then sew it back.

Bolsos bandolera mujer will never get out of style as long as you know how to improvise and creative. To see the latest bolsos bandolera mujer in the market that are made with high-quality materials, visit Gloriaca now.