brake systems for towed vehicles

Towed vehicle brake systems

brake systems for towed vehiclesTowed vehicle braking systems are top on the mind of those with mobile homes. It is essential that they get the braking systems that will allow them the shortest braking distance that will work with any motor home and in any vehicle with power brakes.

Air Force One is just such a braking system. It powers the towed vehicles braking system without the use of an electric vacuum pump. It offers 100% direct proportional braking so that the towed vehicle and the coach have perfect braking symmetry.

It has three main components which are:

  • The operating unit that is under the hood of the towed vehicle is out of sight. It holds the vacuum generator and reserve air supply for the towed vehicle.
  • The actuator that is very small and only requires one screw to secure the cable to the firewall. The advantage here is that once it is installed it does not require to be taken down or set up again.
  • Coach air assembly that is always protected even if the vehicle separates or if the towing system fails.

Some of the benefits of Air Force One include:

  • It is out of sight it is installed under the hood of the towed vehicle and the actuator just above the foot pedal on the brake arm of the towed vehicle.
  • Once installed it is ready to go. The system is automatic, and you will not need to install it in the towed vehicle, that is, there is no set up required for towing.
  • It is a universal fit and thus fits all types of vehicles. There is no need for compatibility concerns as it will fit the largest to the smallest vehicles. It also comes with all necessary parts for installation so that installation is immediate.
  • Activates power brakes in the towed vehicle through the use of a vacuum. You do not have to worry about battery use because the engine is not running though the brakes are activated. Also, there are no moving parts and thus no worry about wear and tear.
  • The coach air assembly ensures that the brakes on the towed vehicle will mirror the brakes in the coach every time. They are 100% directly proportional. This applies on a rough road and even on a slope.
  • It uses an approved chassis air tap in a method so that you a warranty on air brakes is not affected. It meets all chassis warranty guidelines including Freightliner and Spartan.
  • It comes with a simple LED light that is installed in the towed vehicle . It lights up when the brakes are applied and can be viewed from the coach through the backup


  • Installation

Once you purchase the Air Force One, you will receive a CD for installation as well as detailed written instructions. In addition to these, the company has on “desk jockeys” who have installation experience ready to walk you through the installation. A twenty-four hour helpline is also available especially for those installing after regular office hours.