Top 6 Tips for Creating an Effective Advertising Stand

As a marketer, you know the importance of advertising and marketing. These two magic words can help your business stand out from the sea of competitors. This is why you should be wiser and be more creative when it comes to your caballetes publicitarios / advertising stands and banners.

To ensure that your caballetes publicitarios / advertising stands can capture consumer’s attention, you should follow these tips:

  1. Think about a catchy tagline or phrase

If your business is using a tag line you can use it for your caballetes publicitarios / advertising stands. But, they are cases wherein your banner is performing is a specific function like announcing discounts and promos, you need to think of another tagline or catchy phrase for your stand.

As you come up with a tagline, you should keep it short and as snappy as you can and must be located at the top portion of your banner.

  1. The most important images and text should follow your tagline.

In the business industry, there is a saying that an eye level is equivalent to eye level. This is due to the fact that consumers prefer to buy products within their eye level. This is a simple yet effective psychology and it can great help your market your advertising materials.

  1. Stick to the saying that less is more.

Once you make a research on the web, you can encounter the word “white space. But, this does not mean that the space is white. It refers to the areas on the posters. Marketers like you often commit mistakes when it comes to your advertising stands. You often filled it with competing information that appears really chaotic and confusing. You should allow room for space so that consumer can see it as nice and tidy.

  1. Remember that all important messages should be mentioned on the top half.

When it comes to your advertising stand, you should know how to prioritize information and the order of things. For instance your business has a promo like “buy one get one”, the promo should not be located at the bottom. If there is an important instruction your consumers should know, it should be seen on the top half which is within the eye level.

  1. Go after the professional graphics.

Your must aware that some manufacturers are using poor quality photographs on their banners and as a result, consumers find themselves shook their heads in great disappointment. To ensure that your advertising stands will stand out, you should compensate on professional graphics so, you have to choose your images more wisely.

  1. Use your brand color.

When it comes to color you should be brave. If you have your own brand color, you have stuck with it as you create an advertising stand. If you do not have a certain brand color, you can then stick with 2 main colors and the third color will be used as an accent. For best result, you can use psychology so that you can attract more consumers.

By following these tips you can ensure that your caballetes publicitarios / advertising stand will be more effective in capturing people’s attention.