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Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Bag for Your Kid

Seeing you kids getting ready for his first day at school is very touching, it can even make your teary eyed as your little angel started to fit his school uniform and started to prepare his school things. But in your all preparations for the start of your kids school days the one thing that many parents and I am sure that it includes you is to choose the right fit for your little one’s backpack. With many choices you could find, the most important factor in choosing the right mochilas guarderia is by choosing the perfect size that would fit your child’s size.

Backpacks can also be the cause back pain and neck pain of your kid, poorly chosen bags and over weighted bags can be the start of your kids back stiffness and weakness. This may also lead to low back pain and neck pain that may lead to serious problems. Here are some of the tips you can consider in choosing the backpack that will not cause a problem for your kid’s health;

  • Weight – the backpack should weigh at least 1-15% of their total body weight. If a child is weighing 50lbs, the bag should weigh 5-7lb a pack. A bag that weighs more than your child’s weight will cause the problem like sprains and shoulder pain on your kid.
  • Fit – the straps of the bag on both shoulders should be pulled snug, there should be minimal gaping between the child’s back and the backpack. If a child uses only one shoulder that purpose of using a backpack is defied. The undue strain on the shoulder will be felt and experienced.
  • The size of the bag – the size of the bag should be equivalent to the child’s lower back and the top end should be only under your child’s shoulder blades.
  • Fill – in packing the items inside the back, it is best to always pack the heavier items like books at the bottom and lighter items is packed at the top. The weight of the pack should be at the center of the child’s core to ensure its balance and less the strain on the child’s back, shoulder and neck.
  • Style- the wider the straps the better it is for the child. The greater surface area is great in distributing the weight in the child’s shoulder than thin straps that have the possibility of irritating your child’s skin. Thin straps can also dig on the skin of your child if bags are heavier, even older kids are not immune to what thin strapped bags can do. It is best to consider bags that have the perfect style for your kids.

Knowing the factors you need to consider before buying your child his bag will ensure that he got the best bag that will not only serve its purpose but will also protect your kid’s health. Taking care of your child should go beyond the food he eats or the clothes he wears. Making sure that the items he uses are fit for his health and will be good for his body. Nothing beats the love of a mother for his kid.