The favored bong

bong among “weed heads” is the Agung bong because of its shape, size, and special features. The Agung Bong has a mouthpiece where one places their whole mouth around to inhale the vapors more efficiently. Many individuals like the fact that the mouthpiece is so large to have the ability to inhale more vapor. Many “weed heads” believe that smoking marijuana from the Agung style bong gives you the best “high” ever.


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  • They are reasonably priced and very economical. The highest price you will pay for an Agung bong is $200. You can get an Agung bong from Bongsmart as low as $35.
  • The Agung bongs are made out of the best materials like wood, glass, porcelain, and fiberglass.
  • The Agung bongs are the right size for weed smoking and consumption.
  • The Agung bongs are the right size for handling as well.


These type of bongs are the number one selling bongs offered by Bongsmart. Many weed enthusiasts will appreciate the Agung bongs from Bongsmart because they are reasonably priced and made of good quality. Bongsmart is the place to go for every accessory you need for marijuana consumption, especially when you want to buy a bong.


But, with any drug habit, one has to be very careful when smoking marijuana. It is not good to smoke marijuana on a daily basis unless you are doing it for medical reasons. Also, it is good only to use marijuana as a recreational drug. Many states in the United States are legalizing marijuana usage, but it is still considered a federal offense to have marijuana on your person. As long as, you are using marijuana in the comfort of your own home it should be okay.


If you happen to be using marijuana for medical reasons like for cancer or chronic arthritis, the Agung Bong is the best tool to use. The main reason that the Agung Bong would be the best bong to use, for medical usage, is because the size of the mouthpiece is the main effect. The main effect of the mouthpiece is that you can inhale more of the vapors from the marijuana. Also, inhaling much of the marijuana vapors will ensure that you have less chronic pain from cancer or arthritis.


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