Ways on How to Practice Baby’s Hygiene and Prevent Infection in the Process

As a parent, I know that my baby’s hygiene is very important in keeping him healthy and away from the danger of bacterial infections. A newborn kid is in need of special attention, as there as many factors that are needed to consider in keeping the child from getting infected or sick from an unknown cause. Babies cannot talk yet and does not know how to let their mom know about the irritation they are feeling, it is best that we keep vigilant and know the clues that our baby are giving us to let us know that something is not right about our kids.

Every parent should know that babies are in higher risk of developing infections if the baby’s hygiene is not properly practiced. Babies are easy to fall into illness as they are still in the phase of developing their immune system, and the best way to minimize the risk of getting your kid infected is by sticking to a high standard of hygiene. Suavinex online offers a vast range of hygienic products that are safe to use on your baby’s skin and has no adverse effect that will put you and your baby in danger. This is the best partner in keeping your baby healthy and clean.

Here are some of the most important ways on how to clean the important parts of your newborn baby;

  1. Make sure to clean the umbilicus area every day – it is best to clean the umbilicus area as long as the umbilical cord remnants are still attached. This is to prevent the soreness and infection to happen; by cleaning the area at least twice a day it will also encourage the remnants of the umbilical cord to detached itself from the baby’s body without any problems or complications. Always remember that the umbilical cord area can be easily infected even if you are regularly cleaning it, any pus or patches of bleeding you will see in this area requires an immediate attention from the medical specialist as it could be a sign of infection.
  2. Always give your baby a bath – although newborn babies do not need to bath every day, giving him a bath every other day is a must. It is best to keep your baby clean and free of dirt and germs by giving him a bath. Between bathing, the newborn baby can be cleaned by using a soft cotton wool and warm water. Wipe your baby starting in the eyes and work down until you cover the whole body, make sure that you wiped all areas especially the creases under the arms, necks and between the fingers. This ritual is best especially when your baby is recovering from the illness.
  3. Hand washing is important for your baby – as babies always put their hands into their mouth, having a clean house is best to prevent infections and accidental choking. Pieces of stool, bodily fluids and other carrier of harmful bacteria is needed to be washed out as in can cause illness for your baby, even if it did not directly went inside the mouth just to be near the eyes and mouth are enough to trigger the infectious bacteria. Always keep in mind to wash your baby and your own hands before and after eating, as to prevent threadworms in getting into your baby’s body.
  4. Sterilize milk bottles and nipples – sterilized feeding bottles and sanitized pacifier is important as it goes directly into your baby’s mouth. Investing in a sterilizer is worth your money as it can keep the feeding bottles and other essentials clean and sterilized.
  5. Change your baby’s diaper regularly – this is best to do every time your baby urinates, defecates or both. This is to prevent your baby’s skin to sore and get irritated; it can also reduce the risk of infection. In cleaning your baby’s bottom, always use a bowl of warm water and clean cotton wool, frequent use of wipes can also be the cause of irritation on your baby’s skin.