How Pharmacy Came Into Being

Everybody knows that the ones sold in the pharmacy in Mississauga are medicines, vitamins and many other goods that are designed to keep every individual healthy and alive. In fact, every pharmacy in the world is designed that way. However, only a handful of people know where pharmacy came from. The pharmacy in Mississauga is the same with many other pharmacies all over the world. If you want to learn more about where pharmacy came from, read on further.

The profession of pharmacy in Mississauga and many other pharmacies can be traced back way in ancient history, during the Sumerian times, which is now modern day Iraq. Dating back to 4000 BC, they utilized medicinal plants such as opium, myrrh, mustard, and liquorice. There were people delegated to prepare the medicines. There were those that worked in preparing the medicines, and others take on the role of doing diagnosis and treatments. The latter is carried out by the medics. This antecedent to pharmacists had also combined their part with the priest. There were evidence of early writings made by the Sumerians which dated at least around 2700 BC, which is almost 5000 years ago.

In ancient Egypt, they had their ways in preparing the medicine. The ones that prepare the medicine were called Pastophor. Pharmacy, during that time, was held in high regard and a high-status branch of the field of medicine. Just like the Sumerians, these professional people were also priests that worked and practiced their beliefs in temples as well.

Based on the surviving papyrus scrolls, most notably the one dating back in 1500 BC Ebers Papyrus, Egyptians made and utilized ointments, infusions, suppositories, lozenges, pills, enemas and lotions. The ancient papyrus scroll even includes 700 different drugs and 875 prescriptions.

In China of the same time around 2000 BC, one man wrote the first Pen T’sao by Shen Nung or means native herbal, in which its contents contain 365 drugs based on plants.

Shops and stalls that are selling medicinal products already existed way back in 1900 BC at the town called Sippara just by the Euphrates river. But the earliest records where people were already selling medicine was in London that opened back in 1345.

Britain’s history of pharmacy

Pharmacist was a word recognized in England’s publication in 1834 based on the novel The Last Days of Pompeii by Lytton. However, there are arguments there were already in use during the turn of the 18th century, referring to a person that prepare and dispense medicines. Still, during the turn of the 19th century, most people were already working in the field of pharmacy. They would call themselves either druggists and chemists. The terms that are associated with them today, pharmaceutical chemist and pharmacist came in the latter 19th century.

The word “pharmacy” has a very long history in England and also in the pharmacy in Mississauga. If you have read The Knight’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer was written around 1386, you will find there the word is used to describe a medical preparation of various plants.