7 Dresses your Closet have Probably Missed

Dresses are the staple clothing of women. There should be one or two in your closet because you can use them in special occasion. In fact, it never goes out of style because dresses, particularly patrones vestidos niña are one of the most must have. You can pair it with accessories to make a fashion statement. And for you to know what are the other clothing that your closet might miss, here are the dresses that should be present in your list,

1 – Sundress – for warm summer days and steamy nights, it is best to have a sundress to wear. You can pair it with cute flats or sandals and some sparkly jewels and heels. During winter, you can wear it with a nice cardigan and tights. But if you want your style to appear timeless, you should go for a classic cut and color which allows you to wear it for many years to come.

2 – Knee-length floral dress – this is good for a backyard barbecue and garden parties, as well as summer weddings. If you wanted to make a bold fashion statement, you should go for big patterns with bright prints. But if you want to project a demure image then you should prefer the smaller ditsy floral patterns that are famous in spring.

3 – Floor-length dress – Floor-length dresses in a bold color can make you look gorgeous especially if you’ll pair them with flat sandals and a casual handbag. If your height is tall, the slip dress silhouette will look good on you while the empire waist and halter maxi dress could be very flattering for women with a curvaceous body. But for petite ladies who want to look taller in their dresses, it is best to opt for a solid color that is head-to-toe.

4 – Mini dress – if you want to appear daring but with a big personality, you should go with the mini dress. You can accessorize it with printed coat if you wear a bold colored mini dress and a casual handbag. When it comes to your footwear, choose the heels that match the color of your mini dress in solid color.

5 – figure-flattering dress – choose the figure-flattering dress that comes with sequins to give a glam look for whatever special event you are wearing. You can pair it up with heels that are neutral in colors and pearls for accessories for a timeless look. When you wear this type of dress, you don’t have to show too much skin, leave the impression of sexiness without trying to the imagination of the people you will meet in the party.

6 – Little White dress – think of the classy Marilyn Monroe inspired dress where the glam is further enhanced with the heels and makeup you’ll pair it with. This wardrobe is considered to be an all around as this can be worn in any season as long as you pair it with the right layer and footwear to make a signature style that everyone will envy.

7 – Little Black Dress- there’s nothing more even sexier with the little black dress that was popularized by the legendary actress, Audrey Hepburn in her Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Black is proven to be a flattering color which can be paired with a sexy heel and rouge lips.