Why You Should Choose IGF 1 As Your Supplement

Deciding on which supplement to take can be quite difficult for many people, especially ones who have no knowledge and have not researched about the available options on the things that they want to improve with these supplements. There are hundreds of different supplements available to people and can be purchased from specialized stores for food supplements, drug stores, online stores, and more. You can also get consulted easily with the people who are working in these shops, as well as all of the people who are using the Internet and share their experiences and knowledge on the different forums and blogs. The more you read the more informed you will be, especially if you already have a particular substance in mind. There are many people who are asking themselves whether or not taking IGF 1 is a good idea for their goals.

IGF 1 is a hormone that is produced in the liver with the help of particular enzymes that convert the Human Growth Hormone into IGF 1 or insulin-like growth factor 1. Both of these hormones have particular levels in the body that are changing as people get older and the decreased levels of these hormones are associated with a lot of changes in the body such as reduction in muscle mass and bone mass, reduction in muscle strength, aging, decreased cell growth levels, increases in the fat in the body, and more. Therefore, taking IGF 1 is highly recommended because it helps maintain the normal levels of the hormone in the blood preventing all of these changes or simply slowing them down which is still a great help in getting the results that you desire. Apart from this, IGF 1 also stimulates the cell growth when it is regularly taken and this helps build more muscle mass and increase muscle strength, especially if this is your goal, as well as reduce fat in the body which could also be another goal of yours for taking a supplement.

There are two different variants of the IGF 1 which are IGF 1 lr3 and IGF 1 des. There are slight differences in the way how these variants work and their half-life. However, their final results are very similar because they are variants of the same hormone. IGF 1 des is the one that people prefer when they want to quickly boost their muscle growth and increase their muscle strength. IGF 1 des has a half-life of about 20-30 minutes which means that the injections need to be on site in order to have the desired effects during the work out. IGF 1 des can really speed up the process of getting the body that you want and enjoy yourself as you are seeing the quick results. The IGF 1 lr3 is associated with quick losses of fat, as well as the lack of site injections because its half-life is 20-30 hours.

It is proved that IGF 1 can really help achieve your goals if you are taking it in the right form and choose the right variant.