Five Living Room Decoration Ideas you can do this Weekend

If there’s a room in the house where you should really invest, it must be the living room. The members of the family spent most of the time staying in the living room catching up with the household’s tasks and activities. Plus, the first part of the house that guests will notice is the living room. Thus, you want it to be comfortable and impressive enough, right? The good news here is you don’t have to spend too much time and energy to renew the appearance of the living room. A little change and effort can go a long way. If you and your loved ones aren’t busy this weekend, you might want to consider helping each other out in redecorating the living room. For sure, it will be a fun-filled activity for the whole family as well.

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  • Utilize the area in the wall- a well-decorated living room doesn’t have a bare wall. If you want, you can use wallpapers to hide the flaws or imperfections in the wall. On the other hand, you can also paint the entire area and make a good change. However, if you don’t have any plans of covering or painting the wall, you can hang large mirrors, framed artworks, and family pictures. It is a great way to show the guests how happy your family is.
  • Change the window treatments in the living room- does your living room seem so plain and boring? Try changing the curtains every once in a while. It’s funny how a change in the choice of the curtain can make a lot of difference in the overall appearance of the living room. If you prefer privacy, you can use window blinds. It comes in different types such as pleated shades, exterior shades, aluminum blinds, cellular or honeycomb shades, roller or solar shades, roman shades, vertical blinds, sheer blinds, and wood or faux wood blinds. You can choose from any of the window treatments aforementioned.
  • Go green or go home- want an inexpensive way to make your living room look eco-friendly? The best technique to achieve an eco-friendly living room is by adding potted plants in strategic areas. Houseplants such as aloe, spider plant, English Ivy, Jade plant, rubber tree, peace lily, snake plant, heart-leaf philodendron, shamrock plant, fiddle-leaf fig, and areca palm are easy to care and maintain. Put any type of these plants in an area where it can absorb the amount of sunlight it needs in order to grow bigger and greener.
  • Design the living room with books– if you’re a book lover, show it to everyone by using your favorite books as a living room décor. You can put a shelf in the corner of the living room and fill it with your favorite books. If you want to add a quirky mix of creativity, search for different arts and crafts project that can make use of old books.