Collares Con Perlas Guide for Buyers

Pearl is one nature great treasure with a wide range of colors and shapes. Creating pearls to become one of our accessories sometimes takes a year to create with its decent size and perfectly round pearls shapes. As a result, collares con perlas is a bit expensive. Accordingly, the most used type of pearl is Akoya, Cortez, Mabe, South Sea, Tahitian pearls.


Collares con perlas are very popular all over the world since it captured all the women. Most women possess with the elegance of this and it’s been the favorite piece of jewelry. Below are some of the types of pearl necklace.

  • Bib -a necklace that consists of two or more strands of pearls varying in lengths.
  • Collar -this consists of multiple strands of pearl and 12-13 inches long. This type of necklace is very popular during the Victorian era.
  • Choker -its look is somewhat similar to collar necklace but it is 14-16 inches long and sits high on the neck.
  • Princess -this necklace lies below the neck and can be matched with many different styles of clothing that is 17-19 inches long which longer than choker but smaller than a matinee.
  • Matinee -you will mostly see this wearing with more formal and semi-formal suits and dresses. It is approximately 20-24 inches long and is made of a single strand that rests at the top of the cleavage.
  • Opera -compare on matinee this is usually worn for formal occasions. This can be knotted or doubled strand which is 30-36 inches long that sits at the breastbone.
  • Rope -it is the longest collares con perlas styles that are longer than opera with 36+ inches long.
  • Larriate necklace – with a very, very long rope and often worn overlay multiple times around the neck.

After knowing the types of pearl necklace, let’s know what the process when buying is.

Pearl buying process:

Process 1: Get information about the pearls available in the market place.

Process 2: Identify the quality.

Process 3: Choose the right size.

Process 4: Choose the right pearl necklace length.

Process 5: Purchase the strands of pearls at wholesale price.

If you’re searching for a pearl necklace, you should look on how matched the pearl when combined because it can and possibly create an unbalanced appearance. A pearl that well matched can look more classy and expensive at the same time. When you already settled on what necklace you’ll buy make sure that it will enhance the person’s clothes (if it’s not for you), so consider how the necklace will be worn.


Collares con perlas is said to be women’s favorite, however finding the right piece for you can often be complicated and I suggest you to check this agape natural site that can help you for a wide range of alternatives for a pearl necklace. By learning some basics of the pearl, I hope that you can be familiar with it and be prepared to find beautiful necklace while having fun doing it.