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Typically, a hair tie is an item that is used to fasten long hair away from the face. Hair ties are used in hairstyles such as the ponytail, bunches, and pigtails. The two common types of hair ties are hairpin and scrunchie. The durability and elasticity of hair ties depend on the materials used like rubber, elastic or stretchy forms of cotton.

Elastic hair ties are perfect as ponytail holders and add flair to any outfit using a collection of knotted hair ties. Nataly la tienda de los lazos offers a wide range of lazos para el pelo / hair ties in bow tie designs.

Solid color bow tie hair tie designs are smart and sophisticated, stripes are classic and always in style, polka dots are popular for every age, plaid creates a classic and preppy look while sports-themed, character-themed and other novelty ties are great for fun occasions.

Bright color schemes like orange, yellow and others are suitable for bright occasions and everyday wear, primary colors such as bold reds, yellows and blues are fashionable hair ties, pastel colors of light blues and pinks are popular for younger girls.

Tying up the hair whether it’s the end of a long work day and to begin a hard work out is an option for long tresses. Hair ties may inevitably pull on the hair and create breakages, but giving up on them seems out of question. What you can do is to buy hair ties that will not damage the hair.

The rubber band isn’t a hair tie even if it’s too convenient to use them in tying long hairs since it can aggressively pull hairs and cause breakage. So instead of using rubber bands and metal clasp hair ties, you should consider using loose and smooth hair ties.

You can get a gentle hair tie option to prevent breakage is the smooth, seamless hair tie on lockdown that comes in multiple of colors. Scrunchies are a cute way of keeping the hair of the face which is safe and breakage free and comes in a built-in bow version in a multitude of colors. Hair elastics can be found in the kid’s section, are like baby scrunchies and are perfect for loose, messy bun.

One way of taking care of the hair besides using hair ties is to change the location of the hair tie to avoid repeatedly weakening the same hair shaft maybe doing a cute braid or sporting a low, loose chignon. Never sleep with hair up since tossing and turning during sleep can add more friction to tugged strands, sleep with hair down. Don’t tie up wet hair into a knot; just use a hair scarf to keep hair off the face.

Nataly specializes in hair ties and there are different hook systems available to choose from that can best suit everyone style and needs. Nataly also offers customizing and personalizing bow shaped hair ties that can match attires within its wide variety of more than 600 hair ties styles.

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