Magic Water Pipe: Why to Invest in One

The invention of water pipe brought about a new era for smokers.  Many makers boast of the improved quality the glass magic water pipes bring to the table.  Some of the added benefits are purely cosmetic.  Magic water pipes tend to have swirls of colorful patterns molded into the glass. Designs, shapes, and patterns are often blown into the glass during the creation process. It is almost impossible to find two that are exactly the same. As it is in use, smoke will climb around and swirl through the magic water pipe’s body creating beautiful streams of colors throughout.

Magic glass pipes are said to have a better smoking quality. Some have said that using a magic glass pipe you tend to use a third less product and still have the same effect on the user. It produces a more satisfying experience for the user therefore requiring less time and product in the smoking process. The magic water pipe has a smoother smoke, reducing the stress in the lungs. In general, coughing is kept at a minimum.  Magic water pipes have a faithful following; most will only use one for their smoking.

The Other Side of the Argument

                Magic water pipes do have a negative side. They are fragile. In most cases, they do not withstand a drop. There are times that magic water pipes have fallen over on their own and shattered. The stems tend to crack if you are not extremely gentle when filling them with products. They can also crack if not allowed to cool properly in between uses. They also are not easy to store. If you need to put them away, it would be best to wrap them and lay them on their side to keep them from falling. Leaving them where they can be bumped or knocked over is not a good idea.

Where to Find a Magic Water Pipe

                If you are looking to purchase a magic water pipe, you can find them at any tobacco store or online.  Online stores such as can give you some of the best prices available. They will ship to you usually within a week. If your magic water pipe is damaged on its way to you, usually you can have a replacement sent out. Websites usually want proof that they were damaged during shipping and that they have not been used. Clear and precise pictures can provide this for you.

Magic water pipes are a whole new smoking experience. They provide an easy on the lung experience. Take your time looking for one so that you can find a magic water pipe that will grab your attention. Taking the time to find a unique magic water pipe will make you appreciate your investment. With a more satisfying smoking experience, you can use less of your preferred product. So spending a little more on a magic water pipe will decrease the amount you will need to budget for your favorite product.  Get more satisfaction out of your product by using a magic water pipe.