How to Decide If You Should Verify Email Addresses

If you are having your own website then you are probably wondering what you should be doing with the email addresses of the users. There are thousands of websites that are working perfectly fine with the users not validating their email addresses, but at the same time there are also many websites that highly recommend to get the email validation module in order to make it function better and have better long term results. In order to understand if you should verify email address or not, you need to set your goals and purposes.

There are several reasons why you may be getting email addresses. One of these reasons is using your website for making lists of email addresses and selling them in bulk to other companies. In this case there is no need to use a software to verify email address. If you are collecting email addresses in order to send occasional emails to these addresses, then you should validate them but there is no need to do that right away. Many website owners prefer to have a well-established channel for communication with the user before this particular user can use some of the more complex functionalities of the website. If this is what you want, then email verification is very important. Identity representation using email addresses is another option that you may be getting users to sign up and you will need to verify email address.

The most common reason why people decide to verify email addresses on their websites is simply because of the frequency of typos. Many people make typos as they are typing on their keyboards and if this misspelled letter is at the email address, then you will be getting an email address which is not real at all and you can do nothing with it. It will also be impossible for this user to regain password if he or she has forgotten it, because they will be using their email address which will be incorrect according to the software of the website due to the initial typo. This will create additional work for you because you will need to manage manually each of these people which could be a large number of tasks. If there is a software to verify email address, then the program would work perfectly and the user will get the best possible user experience. Keep that in mind if you plan to get a lot of users and you want to provide them functionality.

Choosing a software or programming a module that is working properly and verifies quickly and accurately email addresses is very important for managing the results you want to get. Your revenue and earnings will be getting more and more with each email address and user, which is why you should make certain to spend as much time and money as possible in order to get it all working and functioning for the future users of your website.