Going Green: How to Grow Olive Trees in Your Backyard

Are you thinking about going green? There are tons of ways go embrace that eco-friendly living and if you are living in the Mediterranean area, olive trees are one of the best trees to plant in your backyard. If you buy olive trees (comprar olivos), you will not only have the opportunity to take care one of the most ancient and beautiful trees in the history. You will also harvest a very healthy fruit that can create miracles.

With more than 800 million olive trees that are being cultivated in the Mediterranean landscape, it is the chief economic plant in the region. These productive trees have been part of Mediterranean’s life for more than 6000 years ago. Thus, people around the world also buy olive trees (comprar olivos) and plant it in their garden to add a Mediterranean touch. Olive trees are also great indoors since it can grow healthy even in pots or containers. Just make sure to use a terracotta pot with loam-based compost instead of a regular soil in a plastic container.

To ensure that the drainage of your pot is all good, add a 20% of horticultural grit on it. Olive trees love the sun so make sure to place it in a sunny spot. Make sure that its soil is moist even when placed under the sun for a long time during its growing season. Applying liquid fertilizer on it once every month will work great. During winter, never allow its compost to dry out even when watering should be reduced.

Is it hard to take care of olive trees? Proven and tested for more than 6000 thousand years, olive trees are tougher than what you think. It doesn’t need too much care and attention to grow and stay healthy. Just make sure that your backyard has a big sunny spot for a long period to place pots after you comprar olivos. On the other hand, you might need to monitor its shape as it grow if you don’t have that enough space for bulky trees.

Olive trees grow slowly so they pruning them when they’re still young are not necessary. If you have your olive trees on container or pots, it can grow faster so watch out for a dense canopy. Get rid of dead woods and extra branches so its center body can absorb more sunshine. Once your olive trees reached 3 years, it will start to produce fruits already. If you want it to produce flowers, it should be in outdoors to undergo in wind pollination even if the majority of olive trees are self-fertile.

In addition, take note that olive trees need to pass winter and fluctuating temperatures to produce flowers and fruits. Thus, your olive trees need to be in an unheated greenhouse with abundant light. In case that you prefer olive trees that can be placed anywhere around your house as long as it’s sunny, you may opt for the dwarf olive trees that can grow up to 6 ft tall.

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