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Give your Child a Treat and Throw a Peppa Pig Party

                Airing in Channel 5 and Nick Jr. (UK), Latin America’s Discovery Kids, ABC 4 Kids (Australia) and Nickelodeon in the United States, Peppa Pig made its name and diversified its popularity through these channels. Almost every little kiddo at home would never miss the 5-minute episode of fun and humor that even parents are entertained. Watching it on a daily basis becomes addicting that kids want to collect every single item that has a Peppa pig printing on it. As parents, we don’t want our kids to be deprived of what they want and love. So, to be able to match every item they want, one solution is to give them all on his/her birthday. Give your child an unforgettable Peppa Pig party and surely they wouldn’t ask for more. Organizing a party sounds not an easy task but surely you would need some tips to make the job lighter. So, we prepared the checklist you should be taking note of.

Party Invitation

Throwing up a party wouldn’t be done without your friends. Giving them a party invitation Customized or personalized invitations are pretty time-consuming at the start. But once you had conceptualized the theme (Peppa Pig), everything goes well. If you are opting to hire someone to do the thing, you can do so but it would be more memorable if you do it yourself. Google is your friend and has a lot of templates available that you can edit or get the help of editing from an artist. If you are on a hurry, stores also offer ready-made Peppa pig invitations so don’t you worry. There are a lot of ways, it’s just always on the time and effort you will put on in creating it.

Party Decoration, Food, and Favors

A party venue looks dull and wouldn’t be so much fun without decorations and intricate details on the main theme. Peppa Pig themed balloons (centerpiece balloons on tables), human-size standee of each character in the show (Peppa Pig, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig), table cloths (colored cloth that depicts Peppa Pig), plates with Peppa Pig print, and etc. It would be much nicer if you could have a picture perfect mud area that should not definitely ruin the party. Keep it safer by letting them do the thing after the program of the party so they can enjoy and feel the Peppa Pig scenes.

When it comes to the food, we wouldn’t forget the cake that most children wait for in a party. The right flavor for the cake is chocolate because the main character (Peppa) loves it. Imitating the face of Peppa for the cake would be much recommended in incorporating the whole cast in it. Other suggestions will be cupcakes that have a Peppa topper, mud pies and crackers suit the taste buds of the kids.

Fun activities involve the party favors you would put in each loot box for the invited kids. Coloring books or sheets, stuff toys, Peppa’s stamp, mini bubbles, and other productos peppa pig thus makes the party exciting.


Party Games and Hosting

For better party experience, hiring a host is more convenient than making you do the thing and just mess up. Aside from hosting, other small businesses that do party organizing suggests you get mascots. It simply adds up to the realistic view on the eyes of the children that they are really on a Peppa Pig party. We would not spoil that moment that they really expect to have that mascot so better be ready. On the other hand, challenging games spice up the party. Such activity you can make are oink nose craft, best oink contest and pig-out cake.


If you keep these things considered, your child will definitely enjoy the party as well as with the other kids. Peppa is loveable as much as your kid and as parents we will give out what’s only best for them at no cost.