Different Vintage-Inspired Themes you can Incorporate in the Living Room

In the world where modernization keeps on showering excellent technological crafts, people are blinded with just the physical appearance of any product out there. Even though most of us are more enticed with the newest and coolest items, some are pretty much into old stuff. They say that it gives them more than what they had invested. These are what you call vintage items. The range of products with vintage quality is varied. But for those homeowners who want to create a vintage-inspired living room, here are some styles or themes you must be aware of.

Modern Vintage

Who says you can’t add up a touch of the past and still make the living room modern? That’s what the theme modern vintage proves. Being inspired by French vintage, this style is quite the simplest one to make. Pale colors are the best choice to give the perfect balance and harmony in the interior. When it comes to the furniture, never go with leather sofas because it will ruin the light aura of the entire living room. Choose chenille or other fabric to enhance the vintage element. Moreover, purchasing pastel colored cushions, floral carpet, and muebles vintage online will be the key to achieving a modern vintage look.

French Vintage

The idea of a modern vintage is somehow close to what the French vintage can offer. But, what makes it unique is the sense of elegance and finer details. Heavy patterned walls or carpet can be incorporated while floral designs tend to still look good on this theme. Furniture that has a very specific detail on it is one way to emphasize the French vintage style.

Retro Vintage

Do you remember the time where you used to dance all night wearing bold colored clothing? Those retro days must have been way 1950 or 1960. If you want to bring back those times, incorporating it to your living room can be fun. Unlike the first two themes, retro vintage do not use pale or pastel colors. Retro signifies colors like bright blue, orange, yellow, red and lime green. Adding wooden coffee tables, an old radio above the fireplace and a 50’s framed painting will be a good way to give that retro image.

Industrial Vintage

While some of us would normally love the touch of bright and pastel colors, industrial vintage theme teaches us that even brown and gray are ideal in designing a living room. Yes. You heard it right. You may think that the colors seem dull and dark, but that’s the opposite of what the theme depicts. Unique furniture sets that you would never find anywhere else are best seen in this type of style such as a coffee table with wheels. What’s more interesting is you can also create your own piece of furniture with just painting and changing the cushion and it’s done. Styling it with black and white canvas plus leather sofas and you will surely get that perfect industrial vintage theme. Be sure to stay away from fabric sofas because it will just be out of place when lined up with other furniture and decors.