Creatine Supplement for Athletes

Once upon a time, the majority of us are just satisfied with our appearance. We often eat and drink heavily without any precautions that it could greatly affect our body. Aside from that, we easily accept our unhealthy lifestyle in a short period of time. But once we are diagnosed with an illness due to our negligence, that is the only instance wherein we realize that we abuse our body too much, we will try to restore our old healthy body which is too late for some. Well, that’s just once upon a time. Because today, people of all ages are being health wise, to the extent on which they will build up their muscles and Abbs. We may call them health conscious or obsessed, but they are commonly called “health buff”.

Health buff or fitness buff is the term used when someone is seriously taking care of himself or herself and the food he/she ingest. Most of these so-called “health buff” are athletes. They need to take their body weight and size seriously because being healthy plays an essential role in keeping fit for their chosen career.

We are all aware that all athlete’s has their personalized food regimen, they always make sure to buy everything they have to eat, drink and intake to keep them strong, energized and fit for their intensive training and exercise as part of their sport. But they are instances that food is not enough to keep these people from achieving their goals. That is why many of them have tried different kinds of products popular nowadays as an energizer, muscle gainer, and strength booster.

One example of these products is creatina scitec nutrition, this product is purely made of creatine which is normally found in the body, mostly in the muscles. Even though it is made by the body, it can also be obtained by taking certain types of food like fish and meat. Well, in this case, creatine is present as a 100% food supplement. Creatine use on athlete’s might be common as it is acknowledged by many well-known personalities, we should still need to be careful on what we intake into our body so here are some of the benefits and side-effects of creatine intake.

Benefits of taking creatine:

  1. Creatine improves athletic performance- like it is stated above it is commonly used by athletes because of its effectiveness in high-intensity training. It allows the body to produce more energy, enough to lift 5 more pounds and to attain bigger and stronger muscles.
  2. Creatine can also help treat depression- according to a research done in South Korea, creatine and antidepressant are the perfect mixtures in curing depression compared to the use of antidepressant alone.
  3. Creatine can also help the diabetic patient- early research shows that taking creatine for 5 days after eating can reduce blood sugar.

Side Effects of Taking Creatine:

Before taking creatine supplements, people are advised to talk to their doctors first but so far the reported effects of creatine are mild like stomach ache, nausea, muscle cramping and diarrhea.