How to Use The Sweet Puff Most Effectively And Enjoyably

The number of different types of bongs that are available for people to use for their person reasons is a very large one and this is why it is slightly difficult for the majority of people to make the right choice when searching for the right bong. Apart from having different types of bongs, each type also has different models which is why it is even more difficult to determine exactly which one to purchase. Apart from choosing the right type, it is also important to be aware of how to exactly use the bong in a way that can bring the most out of it when it comes to effectiveness and level of experience. Enjoying all of the benefits that each type of bongs can deliver to you is highly recommended when you have spent money on it and want to make sure you did not waste it.

One of the types of bongs that can be used by people is called the sweet puff. Using the sweet puff in the right way requires having some knowledge and skills, as well as experience in order to be able to fully enjoy it and receive the most out of it. If you are not aware of exactly what sweet puff is and how to use it in the right way, then you certainly need to read the following in order to be prepared and fully understand what you can receive from the bong when you are using it to its full extent. Sweet puff is a type of bong which is used for the smoking of substances such as cocaine, amphetamine and methamphetamine. When you are about to use a sweet puff bong for smoking one of these substances, you will need the bong itself and a butane lighter.

There is a tube inside the bong where the portion of the substance needs to be placed in and it should be in the middle of the tube, because it will have the best effect and it will be more effective. The surface of the substance in the tube should also be as even as possible in order to be able to melt everywhere to the same extent which will allow the heat of the lighter to bring all of the benefits you need when smoking the sweet puff. Once the methamphetamine is liquid you have to make sure that you are rotating it in the right way, because if you do not do that in the right way there will be none of the effects that you want. When you are using a regular lighter you have to be very careful about the strength of the flame because you can easily burn the substance inside the tube. However, if you choose to use a jet lighter, there will be no need to worry about any of these problems. All you have to do is to make sure that the flame is in the right place and you hold it correctly according to the location of the bong.

How to Find Suitable Bongs Online For Your Personal Preferences

There are different reasons why people are searching for bongs. These are devices that are being used for smoking substance such as tobacco and herbs. Bongs are one of the types of devices that are used by people for smoking substances together with the rest of the methods to do so. Considering to buy yourself a bong for personal usage or if you want to buy it as a gift to somebody else who really wants one or needs one for personal reasons, then you certainly have to make sure that you spend enough time searching for the best bongs online if you are planning to purchase it from an online store, which is highly recommended.

There are many reasons why you should search for the best bongs online. Bongs online are presented similarly to other products on online stores. There is an online catalogue of the store where you can start browsing through the products and seeing all of the details about each of the products that are listed. This is very beneficial because online stores tend to have a larger number of products because they do not have to physically fit them into a store. The virtual space has no boundaries and therefore they can list as many products as they want on the online store. Therefore, if you search for bongs online then you can find many different types and styles compared to the number of styles and types that you will manage to find if you go to a local store and search for bongs there. The prices are also considerably lower because there are many reduced fees that online stores pay and therefore this also affects their prices.

Choosing bongs online is also much more comfortable because you do not have to go to a bong store in your local area and spend time traveling to that store if it is not near where you live or work. You also sit in your favorite chair or lay in your bed while using the Internet and searching for bongs online. The purchasing process is also very easy and it takes almost no time to send the purchase and receive the bong up within a day or several days depending on the online store that you are using. You can also easily see what others think about the specific bong you find interesting by searching it on the search engines on the Internet or if the online store has that option of buyers to write reviews, then you could enjoy some reviews of the previous buyers and see what they can say about the product they bought. This can turn out to be very helpful to you and the purchase that you are about to make which is why shopping for bongs online seems to be the preferred way to do this activity, as well as similar to the shopping and its convenience of other products from the Internet.

Tips on Buying Bongs Online for Personal Usage

There are many things that need to be considered when searching for bongs on the Internet. There are many forums and blogs where people discuss the types of bongs they use for their personal reasons and what are the different advantages and disadvantages. People share a lot of experience with each other when they discuss the different bongs they use for different purposes. Buying bongs online is a task that requires some research together with careful consideration over the potential purchases. Whether you need one or more bongs it is highly recommended that you read reviews of the bongs online, as well as maybe even start a thread in a forum about a specific bong model that you are willing to buy in order to receive some opinions and tips about it before you make any purchase.

There are some essential things that you need to consider when you are buying bongs online. First of all, the most important thing of the bong is its style. For example, it can be straight tube or side car, recycler, as well as beaker base and more. The style depends on a variety of things such as the reason why you are buying it, the substance you will be smoking and more. The different styles of bongs online also have different prices which limits your purchase if you have a tight budget and want to purchase a bong that fits into the budget you have but still is of the quality you expect.

Another important characteristic of the bongs online is its size. You need to get a bong that is of a perfect size for your body and lungs or the person you are buying it for. This is essential for the comfort of its future usage and this is why you have to carefully consider the size. If you cannot make the decision on your own then it is highly recommended that you ask for advice from people who have experience. There are also many forums about bongs online where you can ask for recommendation of bong size depending on your own size. You will certainly receive help that will be useful to you.

Another thing to consider is the thickness of the glass of the bongs online. The thicker it is, the better. It is proved that bongs with very thick glass break less than the ones with not as thick glass. This will ensure that it provides durability and you will not have to worry to such an extent about the bong when you are using it. Paying attention to this characteristic will save you a lot of money in the future, especially if you think you cannot take good care of your items and they break easily when you use them.

Searching for bongs online requires knowledge and experience in order to make the best possible purchase, which you can make with the right help from people who have experience.

The favored bong

bong among “weed heads” is the Agung bong because of its shape, size, and special features. The Agung Bong has a mouthpiece where one places their whole mouth around to inhale the vapors more efficiently. Many individuals like the fact that the mouthpiece is so large to have the ability to inhale more vapor. Many “weed heads” believe that smoking marijuana from the Agung style bong gives you the best “high” ever.


Bongsmart sells the best Agung Bongs out there for the best price. You get your money’s worth when you purchase Agung Bongs from Bongsmart due to the following reasons:


  • They are reasonably priced and very economical. The highest price you will pay for an Agung bong is $200. You can get an Agung bong from Bongsmart as low as $35.
  • The Agung bongs are made out of the best materials like wood, glass, porcelain, and fiberglass.
  • The Agung bongs are the right size for weed smoking and consumption.
  • The Agung bongs are the right size for handling as well.


These type of bongs are the number one selling bongs offered by Bongsmart. Many weed enthusiasts will appreciate the Agung bongs from Bongsmart because they are reasonably priced and made of good quality. Bongsmart is the place to go for every accessory you need for marijuana consumption, especially when you want to buy a bong.


But, with any drug habit, one has to be very careful when smoking marijuana. It is not good to smoke marijuana on a daily basis unless you are doing it for medical reasons. Also, it is good only to use marijuana as a recreational drug. Many states in the United States are legalizing marijuana usage, but it is still considered a federal offense to have marijuana on your person. As long as, you are using marijuana in the comfort of your own home it should be okay.


If you happen to be using marijuana for medical reasons like for cancer or chronic arthritis, the Agung Bong is the best tool to use. The main reason that the Agung Bong would be the best bong to use, for medical usage, is because the size of the mouthpiece is the main effect. The main effect of the mouthpiece is that you can inhale more of the vapors from the marijuana. Also, inhaling much of the marijuana vapors will ensure that you have less chronic pain from cancer or arthritis.


Bongsmart provides the best Agung Bongs for medical usage because of the reasonable price and privacy aspect. The privacy aspect is that you can buy the bong from Bongsmart website and have it mailed directly to your home. You do not have to worry about others being in your personal business. Also, the shipping and handling costs are cheap. So, if you want to purchase a good quality Agung Bong, it needs to be purchased from Bongsmart website. You will be able to purchase the Agung Bong from Bongsmart website from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day.

Magic Water Pipe: Why to Invest in One

The invention of water pipe brought about a new era for smokers.  Many makers boast of the improved quality the glass magic water pipes bring to the table.  Some of the added benefits are purely cosmetic.  Magic water pipes tend to have swirls of colorful patterns molded into the glass. Designs, shapes, and patterns are often blown into the glass during the creation process. It is almost impossible to find two that are exactly the same. As it is in use, smoke will climb around and swirl through the magic water pipe’s body creating beautiful streams of colors throughout.

Magic glass pipes are said to have a better smoking quality. Some have said that using a magic glass pipe you tend to use a third less product and still have the same effect on the user. It produces a more satisfying experience for the user therefore requiring less time and product in the smoking process. The magic water pipe has a smoother smoke, reducing the stress in the lungs. In general, coughing is kept at a minimum.  Magic water pipes have a faithful following; most will only use one for their smoking.

The Other Side of the Argument

                Magic water pipes do have a negative side. They are fragile. In most cases, they do not withstand a drop. There are times that magic water pipes have fallen over on their own and shattered. The stems tend to crack if you are not extremely gentle when filling them with products. They can also crack if not allowed to cool properly in between uses. They also are not easy to store. If you need to put them away, it would be best to wrap them and lay them on their side to keep them from falling. Leaving them where they can be bumped or knocked over is not a good idea.

Where to Find a Magic Water Pipe

                If you are looking to purchase a magic water pipe, you can find them at any tobacco store or online.  Online stores such as can give you some of the best prices available. They will ship to you usually within a week. If your magic water pipe is damaged on its way to you, usually you can have a replacement sent out. Websites usually want proof that they were damaged during shipping and that they have not been used. Clear and precise pictures can provide this for you.

Magic water pipes are a whole new smoking experience. They provide an easy on the lung experience. Take your time looking for one so that you can find a magic water pipe that will grab your attention. Taking the time to find a unique magic water pipe will make you appreciate your investment. With a more satisfying smoking experience, you can use less of your preferred product. So spending a little more on a magic water pipe will decrease the amount you will need to budget for your favorite product.  Get more satisfaction out of your product by using a magic water pipe.