How to Grow your Own Olive Plant

Olea europea or commonly called as Olive is a species of a small tree that is abundant in Africa, Southern Asia, and in Mauritius, Canary Islands and Réunion. Later on, this species has been cultivated in different countries and the propagation has widened all over the world. It’s fast cultivation has been due to the varied uses you can do with olives. With this plant, we can derive the famous olive oil, olive leaf, olive fruit and fine wood. While many of us prefer to have the finished product bought, others prefer to have their full-grown tree just in their backyard. This isn’t just a cost-friendly option but also a way to help the balance of the ecosystem. Do you want to have your own grown plant? Here are the ways on how you can start the process.

  1. Choose the right location

The number one factor that you should take into consideration is the area or location where you will grow the plant. Although you want to keep the plant where your other plants are planted, olive should be taken care of in a different way. Some elements may need to be checked first before you eventually decide on a certain location.

  • Climate – Olives are not meant to be grown on areas with tropical climates. This crop is best for areas with mild winter and long, dry, and warm summer. Although olives need a certain amount of cold, it shouldn’t be left off during winter because frost may kill the plant.
  • Proper drainage – Unlike other plants, olives don’t want to have a wet soil all the time. One way to avoid the death of olive plants is planting them in a gentle slope. If you ever don’t find an area like that, you may just opt in areas that water won’t likely accumulate with.
  • Type of Soil – When you think that fertile soil is best for any plant, the same rule does not apply with olives. Excessively fertile soil will not produce a good olive tree. You must go with soil that are moderately fertile. When it comes to texture, you should invest in fine-textured ones like a loam soil, sandy soil and other types that are loose. Another thing to remember is to check the acidity level of the soil. Farmers suggest that a pH level of 6.5 is ideal.
  1. Deciding on whether to cultivate fruit or oil or both

Most of us think that any olive tree can actually give good oil and fruit. However, this isn’t the truth. There are certain cultivars that are meant for producing oil and others that are meant for bearing fruits. After you already set the decision on which of the two you will pursue, you better check if the cultivar is self-fertile. Self-fertile trees don’t need another variety of tree to be able to produce a fruit. On the other hand, self-sterile trees will not bear any fruit without being coupled to another.


  1. Actual planting

The actual process of planting is also different upon one’s preference. While some prefer to plant in a container first, some want to do it directly in soil. If you are to plant in a container, better be sure that the plant will not get wet all the time or else, you know what may happen. Another consideration is to check the pH level of the soil. If you can’t achieve the ideal 6.5, you can add lime to have an acceptable acidity to the soil. After you’ve given the soil enough acidity, you can transfer the plant in the permanent soil. Dug a hole as big as the container where the plant is temporarily grown. Take the tree out and cut the roots that circling. After transferring the plant in the soil, you must water the plant and mulch the area with a straw. In this way, you can conserve water and prevent the growth of some weed.

This is just a basic guide for growing your own olive tree. By keeping the plant properly taken care of, you will surely get to the point that you will harvest the fruit of success. So, to get you started, why not go to online shops and comprar olivos now.

Places Where You Can Play Soccer Games Virtually

Soccer games are very interesting and a lot of players want to have a chance to do so in their homes at the computer. However, there are many questions arising connected to whether or not there is the possibility to play soccer games offline on the computer instead of always having to go online on specific websites or other places where soccer games can be played. This is a very important question, especially for people who love these games but do not have a stable internet connection and therefore have their gaming experience ruined all the time whenever they try to have some fun playing soccer games.

Soccer games can be played on various places on the Internet. Mainly, you can play soccer games by going on one of the many websites on the Internet that offer free online soccer games to anyone. Some of these websites do not have any requirement to sign up or do any tasks before being able to play the games and therefore anyone who desires can enjoy these games there. However, if you have a limited Internet connection or your Internet connection is not stable and you want to be able to play soccer games offline, then you are certainly searching for something very specific. There are soccer games that can be downloaded to the computer or other platforms for playing games and then they have a free one hour trial that you can play without paying anything. However, if you want to keep on playing it afterwards then you have to spend some money on buying the specific soccer game. Most of the soccer games are not expensive and this makes it possible for almost anyone who loves playing soccer games to be able to afford buying one in order to play it unlimited offline. Once you buy the soccer game you can play it for however long you desire without any regulations and restrictions. Of course, there are not that many people who prefer to buy the game instead of using that free one hour trial over and over again using different tricks that they have found on forums and blogs on the Internet. However, protecting yourself from viruses and getting any damage to your software is why many others prefer to either play it online on the official websites where millions of people play soccer games or to buy it for offline playing.

Choosing where to play soccer games is a personal choice that each player can make without any worries because even if they have decided to buy the games there will be nothing wrong about that decision because of how easy and safe it is to do so. Playing online allows players to play with others who are also online and some of the players find the fun of playing soccer games exactly in the part where they offer multiplayer. However, offline playing can also be fun and sometimes the only choice.

Magic Water Pipe: Why to Invest in One

The invention of water pipe brought about a new era for smokers.  Many makers boast of the improved quality the glass magic water pipes bring to the table.  Some of the added benefits are purely cosmetic.  Magic water pipes tend to have swirls of colorful patterns molded into the glass. Designs, shapes, and patterns are often blown into the glass during the creation process. It is almost impossible to find two that are exactly the same. As it is in use, smoke will climb around and swirl through the magic water pipe’s body creating beautiful streams of colors throughout.

Magic glass pipes are said to have a better smoking quality. Some have said that using a magic glass pipe you tend to use a third less product and still have the same effect on the user. It produces a more satisfying experience for the user therefore requiring less time and product in the smoking process. The magic water pipe has a smoother smoke, reducing the stress in the lungs. In general, coughing is kept at a minimum.  Magic water pipes have a faithful following; most will only use one for their smoking.

The Other Side of the Argument

                Magic water pipes do have a negative side. They are fragile. In most cases, they do not withstand a drop. There are times that magic water pipes have fallen over on their own and shattered. The stems tend to crack if you are not extremely gentle when filling them with products. They can also crack if not allowed to cool properly in between uses. They also are not easy to store. If you need to put them away, it would be best to wrap them and lay them on their side to keep them from falling. Leaving them where they can be bumped or knocked over is not a good idea.

Where to Find a Magic Water Pipe

                If you are looking to purchase a magic water pipe, you can find them at any tobacco store or online.  Online stores such as can give you some of the best prices available. They will ship to you usually within a week. If your magic water pipe is damaged on its way to you, usually you can have a replacement sent out. Websites usually want proof that they were damaged during shipping and that they have not been used. Clear and precise pictures can provide this for you.

Magic water pipes are a whole new smoking experience. They provide an easy on the lung experience. Take your time looking for one so that you can find a magic water pipe that will grab your attention. Taking the time to find a unique magic water pipe will make you appreciate your investment. With a more satisfying smoking experience, you can use less of your preferred product. So spending a little more on a magic water pipe will decrease the amount you will need to budget for your favorite product.  Get more satisfaction out of your product by using a magic water pipe.