Top Benefits of Canadian Lobster

Do you have plans to buy lobster? If so you should consider Canadian lobster. There are tons of benefits of buying local wholesale lobsters, which you should consider if you have plans to purchase lobsters. This will, in turn, provide you with a better shopping and dining experience.


When you buy Canadian lobster from local suppliers, you’re supporting the local economy. When you buy frozen lobster at your local supermarket, you might be buying crustaceans that were caught by foreign fishermen and other countries.


In fact, even if you purchase lobster in the supermarket that were caught in Canadian waters, it will benefit the local fishing industry less than when you buy the lobsters wholesale from the wharf. Here’s why. The key reason is that you cut out the middlemen.


That involves many people who process the Canadian lobster. That involves ones who process, package, ship, and stock it. On the other hand, if you purchase the lobsters directly from the local fishermen they benefit directly.


That, in turn, boosts the local fishing economy. That’s likely a situation you’d prefer to line the pockets of a supermarket chain that’re raking in tons of money every year. One reason today’s food costs are so high is that there’s so much processing involved from the growing/catching food until it gets to your home.


That brings up another important issue. When you buy lobsters from your local Canadian fishermen you’re also helping to support sustainable fishing. The reason is that local fishermen tend to be more concerned about protecting the local ecosystem and restocking lobster.


Why should they care? The main issue is that they’re fishing in the waters of their backyard, so to speak. Even if outside fishermen are interested in ‘green” fishing, they’ll probably be less concerned about local sustainability. That, in turn, could affect how cautious they are about protecting the local water and lobster populations.


However, it’s human nature to be concerned about their interests first. There are some key benefits of buying local wholesale lobsters that benefit them directly. One of the main ones is that the cost is significantly lower than buying lobsters through other means, such as via supermarkets.


The cost-effectiveness is one of the key reasons. However, another key one is faster shipping. That’s because the lobsters are sent a shorter distance compared to shipments to supermarkets throughout Canada. As a result, you could get your order of fresh lobsters within one or two days. That gives you the ability to enjoy some tasty fresh lobsters sooner rather than later.


Another benefit of buying fresh lobster is that the chance of experiencing health issues due to seafood processing is lower. When food is processed less, there’s a lower chance of experiencing health issues related to the processing. In many ways, it’s a healthier way to enjoy lobster.


There are tons of benefits of ordering local wholesale Canadian lobster – best found at AtlanticSeaFood. These are some of the main reasons, and you should consider the plusses when shopping for fresh, healthy, and tasty lobster.