Botas tacon mujer

Boots that Flatter your Body Shape

Probably, the winter season is the time wherein you would see women wearing boots making their way across the road. It’s for the practical reason that these boots give them warmth and sense of style at the same time. The use of boots whether for formal or ordinary days doesn’t limit on the climate alone.

Due to the stylish look it brings, it has been used all-year round for women who definitely want a more fashionable look. While women choose boots by their physical attributes alone, it’s a common standard to focus on the body shape. Knowing the boot type that best matches your shape will help you to get the proper clothing to pair it with. If you haven’t done this before, better check out each of the boot classification and the body shape that suits for it.

Wedge Boots

The body shape that mostly favors this boot style is for those with slim, wide, or curvy body. Many women opt in using this boot style because they find it easier to pair with their apparel. The ease of use is another point that makes it even better to be used on a daily basis. The wedge boot allows the one wearing it to have balance because of its equal distribution on the weight. Apple shape bodied women can also wear this type of boots. Those with a broad upper body can use this to act as an anchor to bring the balance in the lower part of the body.

Heeled Boots

The boot style that offers an elegant and gorgeous look on every woman who’s wearing it. Botas tacon mujer are usually seen with either the cone heels or with the stiletto ones. While the cone heels can be ideal for an hourglass shape, stiletto’s are better for slimmer body types. Ankle boots are also a type of high heel boots that is best for petite figures who have short legs. This will give the one wearing it additional height and makes the legs even longer well in fact it’s not. On the other hand, boots with a stacked heel are great for pear body shapes. The thick and muscular legs they have will look slimmer upon wearing this type of boots.

Flat Boots

This might be the simplest among the styles, but it sure does have one thing that makes it even better among the rest. No one would disagree if I say that no one would suffer from pain wearing it even all day. Although experts often say it is difficult to pair with any clothing, women have tried wearing it in different styles and they proved that any body shape can be brave to wear it.

Boots may differ for each body shape, but I think it should not just be hindered by a certain rule or standard. If we can put off anything and still looks elegant yet comfortable on what we’re wearing, I think we can take on any type of boots. It’s just a matter of styling and confidence that drives a woman to wear anything.