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Baby’s Must Haves and Why It is Important to Buy

Excited for your baby to come out? After the long wait, he is finally coming out and preparing for his essential is important as this is the first thing he will use. With so many products that are made specifically for babies, it is great that there are babibu online that made it possible to browse and shop your baby’s essential needs. Although, it can be hard to determine that types of products that your little angel would need to use and as a first-time parent it is a lot harder on your part. Lucky for you, here is some of the list that is definitely needed when shopping for your baby’s essentials.

Baby clothes

  • As this is a definite must have for your baby you should buy at least eight all-in-one suits as it can come very handy. Newborns tend to wear this all the time during his first few months and have no need to wear anything other than this.
  • Baby suits that have necks envelopes and poppers underneath should at least have 6 pieces, this type of baby clothes can be worn with the all-in-ones or on its own depending on the temperature. Short sleeved and long-sleeved are available to cater the different seasons of the year.
  • Cardigans are needed for cold weather and 2 pieces of it should suffice.
  •  Hats are also important for your baby’s overall outfit, not just because he would look cuter, but it can protect your baby’s sensitive head from heat or cold weathers.


  • Newborns need their nappies to be changed for at least 10 to 15 times a day, it is best that you buy as many as you can that will keep you going for at least a week or so. While buying nappies, you must also include nappy sacks and wet wipes.
  • Reusable nappies are great, but you must prepare at least 15 nappies including a bucket, nappy sterilizer, and nappy liners. And it is best that you have a packet of disposable nappy in case of emergencies such as no more available reusable nappies.

Feeding equipment

  • If you opt to breastfeed the only item you will need is nursing bras and breast pads.
  • For bottle feeding; bottles, teats, bottle brush and sterilizer to keep your child’s feeding bottle clean and free of bacteria that may cause illness on your kid. And a cotton bib too.


  • Baby bath can be great to use but if you have little space in your bathroom it is not a good idea to purchase one as it takes a lot of space, a bath support is a lot practical to use as it can be used in the main bathroom and much cheaper to buy.
  • Bay towels are good but not necessarily needed to buy, babies are content wrapped cozily in a small bath towel.
  • There are products available that are specifically made for babies; it contains mild ingredients that are best for baby’s sensitive skin.

These are just some of the essentials that your baby must have as all of this has a significant use for your baby’s health and protection.