5 Amazing Reasons Why You are a Horrible Gift Giver

When it comes to gift giving, people always say that it is the thought that counts no matter what kind of gift you have. This is great if you are giving regalos del atlético de Madrid but, what if you really have something that is a really horrible gift? Does the thought still count? That is something that makes us into an awkward position. There are times that when a holiday gift is being given, the worry of receiving something that screams for a horrible gift is what you are praying not to see. Depending on the manner of the person receiving the gift, there are times that the gift gave though it is something that is thoughtless and useless people might still force to show pleasure. Here are some of the reasons why you are a horrible gift-giver:

  • When you are assuming of something that your recipient will like – when you are about to purchase a gift but has no one in particular to give, then there is a very high possibility that you are giving a gift that will not be liked by someone. People need to consider the person they are about to give the gift to. This is the major reason why you are still giving the wrong gift to the wrong person.
  • Not knowing the person you are about to give a gift to – just because you have seen her just last year does not mean that she will not grow and turn into a young adult. Assuming that they will like the same thing they did last year is a recipe for gift disaster. When you fail to notice that they already entered the life stages of growing left you thinking that your recipient is still in the stage that you once saw her to be.
  • Not giving enough effort in wrapping presents – no matter how expensive your gift can be, lacking presentation is a major turn off for your recipient. Gift wrapping gives a major statement. Making sure that the gift you are giving can be delight the person you are giving is important and maximizing her delight by wrapping it in a creative and presentable way will do it.
  • Not knowing what to give – there is a reason why people who are taking so long to decide on what to give to their love or friends is because they have no idea on what to give. In result, gifts are crammed and giving without proper thought. there are ways on how you can choose the right gift for the person you want to receive it, creativity can take you a long way just to ensure that the thing you are about to present is something that holds your though and not just a thing that you said you gave.
  • Just buying what you see – just because the price is right and it looks extravagant to be used as a gift does not mean that your recipient will be happy about your choice. People have different taste and like different things. It is best to ask them than to assume that one you bought will be liked and fully appreciated.