11 Vintage Decoration Tips for your Home Improvement Plans

When it comes to home improvement, many wanted to go vintage design because of its homey and warm feeling with a touch of elegance. It is timeless and chic that makes use of home décors that has become popular in the previous era but was given a modern look to make it look more appealing to the senses. And if you are looking for decoracion vintage online, might as well consider the following vintage decoration tips you might just want to apply in your home.

  •    Old cribs – you can remove the sides of the crib and put some cushion on to make turn into an outdoor vintage style bench.
  • Funnels – aside from lamps, you can use metal funnels as candle holders.
  • Old bed springs – the springs of bed in the early years are much bigger compared to the ones today, and you can take advantage of them by making it into a planter.
  • Old baskets – you can make an additional storage to your room or bath with old baskets as towel storage. This vintage idea is becoming popular nowadays and you can find such in spas.
  • Mailbox – Instead of throwing away your old mailbox, take a time to clean them and turn it into your toilet paper storage.
  • Vinyl records – have lots of vinyl records that was previously owned by your grandma, yet isn’t working anymore? Instead of throwing them away, you could make a side table from large vinyl records by stacking them to preferred thick and put it in rustic stands.
  • Cabinet – if you have plenty of wooden cabinet at home and has nothing to put in there, you can make of using it by turning it into your vintage wine bottle holder. You can remove other drawer parts and replace it with a flat wood, make a round indent for the neck of the bottle and the upper storage can serve as your wine glass storage.
  • Old typewriters – with the proliferation of technology, probably you have forgotten your old typewriter in your basement. But instead of making the age and dust totally destroy it, you can use your old typewriters as your book holders.
  • Old vintage plates – if you are not going to use your old plates and just stack them in the cabinet, why not turn them into important wall pieces in your kitchen for your vintage home improvement plans. The different shapes, sizes, patterns, prints and colors of the vintage plates could give you’re a sophisticated home décor that is a rare find.
  • Old leather suitcase – gone are the days when you use this suitcase when you travel overseas. However, you can still use them but not as a storage of your personal belongings, but as center tables in your receiving room or a bathroom essential storage.
  • Old wine bottles and soda crates– you can turn your patio into a place where you would love to stay for an afternoon siesta with old wine bottles that would serve as your flower vase and soda crates as pot for your plants.